Valuation and Transition

Whether you are a recent graduate, a motivated associate looking to buy your first practice, in the midst of a divorce, or retiring and selling all or part of your practice, determining the fair value of your business is both challenging and consequential. Each dental practice valuation is unique and complex, differing even between specialties. Whether you are buying or selling, it is crucial to work with a firm that is familiar with both the industry at large and your unique business.

You can rely on PPC's expertise to guide you through these difficult decisions by objectively evaluating such areas as structure, legal, cash-flow analysis, and tax considerations.

Our complete, comprehensive evaluation package considers the following:

A practice Valuation from PPC can be used for:

Our complete evaluations provide comprehensive information required by all parties involved in a transition. This includes vendors, purchasers, accountants, lawyers and bankers.

Our dental practice evaluation reports are readily accepted by all of the major banks for 100% practice purchase financing.

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Dental Practice Transitions

We specialize in assisting dental practitioners with comprehensive Dental Transition Planning and plan implementation strategies to help minimize the chaos and disruption that often occurs during major life and practice transitions. We assist dentists and teams with managing the change process of:

Arbitration/Review of Existing Shareholder Documents

Instead of wasting valuable time with trial and error, you will follow a personalized success plan tailored to your practice. We leverage the excess value in a practice to create a mutually beneficial working relationship for all parties.

Working with PPC, you can concentrate on doing what you do best – practicing dentistry – and leave the rest to us.

Here is what to expect: