Dental Practice Consulting

Scratch Start-Up

Making a decision on where to open a dental practice is daunting for any dentist. At Professional Practice Consultants, Inc., you can rely on our years of industry expertise to guide you comfortably from start to finish. We begin with demographic studies that provide datasubstantiating there are enough potential patients to support the future growth of your business.Choosing an architect, contractor, equipment representative as well as designing the logo, branding and beginning an effective marketing campaign are all tasks your consultant will assist with. Recruiting, hiring and training a team that shares in your vision and putting business systems in place that measure results will be a primary focus. Further, establishing job descriptions, evaluation process, salary reviews and procedure and policy manuals for immediate implementation are just some of the areas we will assist with. Your consultant will also establish effective ordering and inventory control measures to maximize profitability.

Marketing and Advertising

Sharing with the community the services you offer and what sets your business apart from others in the area will drive the number of new patients to your office. Designing an image (brand) that is synonymous with your philosophy of care and consistent with the messaging you want to see attached to your business is an exercise that can be impactful and cost effective. Your experienced Professional Practice Consultant will help you implement and execute a detailed marketing and advertising plan that personifies your practice.

OSHA and HIPAA Compliancy

As an employer in the State of Illinois you are no longer responsible for only offering patient care. You are also responsible for making sure that you offer your employees a safe workplace. Understanding the requirements of compliancy for OSHA and HIPAA is paramount for all dental practices. We will assist in creating a customized plan which will be sufficient immediately and will offer expansion with your business. Establish ongoing education structure to comply with standards. We will instruct the dental team when to change fluids, calendar monitoring frequency, MSDS logs and spore testing.

Team Development

Effectively coaching the dental team leads to increase productivity, profitability and increased case acceptance. Further, effective verbal skills used in interacting with patients and efficient follow up are imperative to a successful practice. Clear treatment presentation with an emphasis on benefit statements and long term patient benefits will lead to greater patient retention. Your experienced Professional Practice Consultant will help you successfully achieve these team development goals.

Effective Communication

Effective communication within the workplace is a key to the success of any business. It is especially true in dental practices, where the doctor and staff communication forms the basis of a patients' understanding of their treatment plan and prognosis. From initial phone conversations and patient greetings to communication of written treatment plans, your Professional Practice Consultant will guide the Doctor and his/her staff on how to communicate more effectively. This will include both verbal, non-verbal and written communication. The result of the overall improved communication in your practice, will lead to all patients receiving a clear, consistent and positive message that specifically represents your practice.

System Implementation

A key aspect of the success of dental practices is effective system implementation. Your Professional Practice Consultant will evaluate your practice needs and suggest improvements to your current system. In cases, where no system is present, your Professional Practice Consultant will suggest the best currently available system for implementation. Once you have chosen a package, your consultant will guide you seamlessly through the implementation and effective management of your system.


Prospective patients in today's fast changing landscape are looking for practice's that have modern equipment and patient comfort facilities. Your Professional Practice Consultant will guide you on the procurement or improvement of the most cost-effective, yet modern equipment currently available. Your Consultant will also prioritize and inventory which specific equipment needs to be purchased or improved first. In addition to improving office technology, your consultant will advise on how best to portray your technology and practice strengths through an effective website.

Production/Profitability Assessment

In order to give an accurate assessment of the goals that we might help you achieve, our consulting team spends time in an established practice and does a comprehensive observation of the business. After conversing with the Doctor and finding out his/her goals we combine the observation results and offer suggestions and recommendations to make the appropriate changes for sought business growth. A list of objectives is derived and prioritized with a timeline to complete the agreed upon tasks. Each office has a different goal or set of goals and our objective is to customize the plan that is appropriate for each practice we work with.